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Solving The Issue – A New Adhesive

The Problem

In the building industry, many of the trade tapes used traditionally for breathable & damp-proof membranes have used a water based adhesive. Although water based tapes offer good performance and are typically low cost to produce; they lack the performance power of solvent & UV based tapes. They are also not as eco-friendly as commonly believed requiring a high usage of power & drinking water to produce.

The shortcomings of these tapes place several limitations on the ways in which they can be applied. This can include the optimal temperature range in which the tape should be applied as well as often being non-water and non-UV resistant.

The Goal

These issues led to a desire here at Flowstrip to create a new product line of tapes with a new type of adhesive that would fill this gap in the market. We wanted a number of very high tack tapes that would still offer high performance in cold weather and damp conditions. Ideally water & UV resistant, we wanted the tapes to offer strong sticking power across a range of surfaces.

The Result

After much research & testing, we were able to develop a pure acrylate based adhesive that went a long way towards achieving our goal. The next step was using this new adhesive as the foundation for a new product line of tapes. One such tape that we produced was our new Performance Sealing & Jointing Tape. A symbol of our success, the tape is now listed on our website and available to order by contacting a sales representative.

At Flowstrip, we strive to fill the market with suitable products wherever there are requirements that are not currently being met. If you have a requirement but can’t find a suitable product, please contact our sales team who will either be able to suggest a suitable product or add it to our list to be considered for future product development.

Additional information & Order details

For more information on our Performance Sealing & Jointing Tape, please visit our product page; or to order a supply, please call one of our sales team on 01724 841860.

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